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“If such campus -based, so we have to know the campus track record in Myspace profile layouts free web designs prevention. Lets say that a study center, we also must know whether it is feasible so our partners in the region,”he said.

Myspace profile layouts free web designs still doing assessments on the development program to eradicate corruption. In addition, the Commission also has designed a program ‘ Indonesia Calling Expert ‘.

“If it can be developed we can call the experts ( experts ) to jump to the area. Problem it’s a lot of nations. We need to expand into the area, if only rely KPK investigators only 60 people so it is impossible to solve the nation’s problems,”he said.

At the end of the meeting also concluded that the Commission was asked to expand the monitoring to the entire institution. Here is the conclusion of a meeting led by Deputy Chairman of Commission III of the Tjatur Sapto Edi :

1. Commission III urged the Commission to improve coordination and supervision to other law enforcement agencies is not only a matter of case-by- case, but the system improvement program, so that law enforcement is able to combat corruption effectively and efficiently, as mandated by law.